Terms and Conditions

Room Booking and Contact Information

Website: www.vch.ca/vghsim


[email protected]  – For general inquiries or to arrange a phone or in person meeting with a VGH SIM team member

BookVGH[email protected] – For booking inquiries

Phone: 604-675-3640 (If no answer then you will be directed to VGH SIM pager number)

Pager: 604-877-3801

VGH SIM centre map:  https://vghsim.ca/map/

VGH SIM Centre Hours: 0800-1600hrs Monday – Friday (excluding STAT holidays)

For any booking requests outside of these hours please contact HelloVGHSIM@vch.ca

VGH Sim Centre is dedicated to providing services for health care staff and industry. The bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  VGH SIM Centre reserves the right to change rooms to maximize the utilization of the centre.

Booking Steps

Booking process for Simulation Centre Users

To start a booking enquiry click on this link  https://vghsim.ca/enquiry/ to request event dates and number of rooms.

If the requested dates and rooms are available, you will receive an email stating the event date is on HOLD and giving you the link to the Booking Submission Form (requesting more information such as equipment, support, access required. The date will be held for 3 weeks, giving you time to complete the online form (Please note your date will be released if the completed submission form is not submitted within 3 weeks).

Event representative to complete the waiver and read the terms and conditions

Online Waiver: https://vghsim.ca/waiver

 VGH SIM Waiver and Consent Form – Event Representative

 VGH SIM Waiver and Consent Form – Participant

Please read VGH SIM booking terms and conditions document


Details of the event will be summarized in a confirmation form and emailed to you. Please review the ‘Confirmation Form’ within ten (10) business days.  If the document is correct click ‘reply all’ stating ‘approve’.  If the form requires adjustments click ‘reply all’ stating the changes required.

All these details can be found at the VGH SIM website www.vch.ca/vghsim

When completing the booking submission form please give as much detail as possible.  We have a small team and plan our schedules/support based on the information given in this form.

If you have any changes to your booking then please notify the centre no less than 1 month before your event date. The VGH Simulation Centre will try to meet your request; however, changes may not always be possible if equipment or support is not available


Due to a very high demand for our centre, VGH SIM must be notified of cancellation or if room is no longer needed. Room usage will be monitored for ‘no-shows’ and future requests from the user and organization that fail to notify may be denied.

There is a minimum 1 month cancellation notice for the VGH Simulation Centre. If there is a cancellation within 14 days of event (including no shows) there will be a cancellation/no show fee of $100 in addition to any recovery of costs incurred related to the event.

Breakdown of Costs charged by VGH Simulation centre

*Internal users – Mon-Fri between 0800-1600hrs:  

  • VCH staff or UBC staff/students as long as participants are not paying to attend the event and revenue isn’t being generated in any way.
  • No rental fee
  • Possible additional charges / cost recovery: 
  • Internal after hours cost: $75/hr + cost of casual staff member if needed to be brought in (starting from $35/hr min. of four hours)
  • VGH SIM Casual staff hours minimum 4 hours (starting from $35/hr) – including setup and tear-down time
  • Clinical Disposables
  • Cleaning of instruments or rooms
  • Any Breakages
  • Specimen costs and disposing process costs

External Users Mon-Fri 0800-1600hrs include:  

  • Any event by VCH/UBC that is charging participants to attend the event or is generating revenue is considered external users. 
  • Any event with instructors teaching or participants attending from outside of VCH/UBC.
  • External Rental fee: $300/hr or $1500/day
  • Possible additional charges:
  • After hours cost: $75/hr + cost of casual staff member if needed to be brought in (starting from $35/hr min. of four hours)
  • VGH SIM Casual staff hours minimum 4 hours (starting from $35/hr) – including setup and tear-down time
  • Clinical Disposables
  • Cleaning of instruments or rooms
  • Any Breakages
  • Specimen costs and disposing process costs

Waiver and Consent

The event representative and participants are required to sign a ‘Waiver and Consent Form’. 

‘Event Representative’ and ‘Event Participants’:

  • The Event Representative must submit a signed copy of the ‘Event Representative Waiver and Consent Form’ to VGH Simulation Centre along with the booking submission form, before the booking can be confirmed. 
  • The event representative must ensure that all course participants sign the ‘Waiver and Consent Form – Participant’ prior to entering VGH Simulation Centre. They also agree to collect and retain these for a period of at least one (1) year from the course date(s).

See attached copy of Waiver and Consent Form for both Participants and Event Representative:

  1.  VGH SIM Waiver and Consent Form – Event Representative
  2.  VGH SIM Waiver and Consent Form – Participant

Please note: VGH Simulation Centre will carry out audits of the waivers. You may be asked for copies of the participant’s waiver and consent form. The participant is not able to attend the event if they do not complete the waiver and consent form.

Prerequisites for Anatomical Specimen events

All participants who will be working with anatomical specimens at the VGH Simulation Centre must ensure they have completed the below courses within 12 months and before the event date:

  • Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Direct/Professional Clinical Care Providers (Course code 8300. Note: there are two courses with this code: please ensure you take the course with the title above)
  • Waste Management Basics Learning Module (Course code 9114)

Please click on the link below and register as a VCH affiliate if you are not a VCH employee:  https://accounts.learninghub.phsa.ca/Account/Login 

Once registered, search the course codes above to find the courses. 

Once completed, please send your proof of completion to your event representative. Certificates for completed courses can be found in the Learning History Tab, located on the left hand side of the screen.

Please note: course completion may be audited and failure to complete these courses may result in denial of access to the VGH Simulation Centre.

Human Tissue Act BC

The Human Tissue Gift Act of BC (the Act) prohibits a person from buying, selling, or otherwise dealing in human tissue and body parts for valuable consideration.  If the course at the VGH Simulation Centre will make a profit, the organization offering the course may not be in compliance with the Human Tissue Gift Act.  The organization offering the course should seek independent legal advice to ensure compliance with the Act.  The event representative will be asked to sign to confirm compliance with the Act in relation to the event. 

Please read the link below if you require further information regarding the Act: http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/96211_01 

Confidentiality and Privacy

All users of the VGH Simulation Centre are asked to maintain and hold confidential information regarding the performance of specific individuals, discussions and debriefings that occur during the learning events and details of specific learning stations and simulation scenarios. 

All specimens and cadavers should be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation. VGH Simulation Centre has a responsibility to ensure the dignity and anonymity of the donors is maintained. Any human tissue used in the VGH sim centre is not to be removed from the centre.

Any photographs or recordings taken must be for education purposes only and the donor must remain anonymous, with no identifying features depicted. In relation to social media, users must consider privacy and confidentiality, professional integrity and public trust. Therefore, nothing is to be posted onto social media that relates to the VGH Simulation Centre.


There are certain simulation rooms in the VGH Simulation centre which are recorded and used for debriefing and further learning.  These recordings are kept in a secure computer file at the VGH Simulation Centre for up to 2 years.  By signing the Waiver and Consent form, users consent to the above recording, utilization and storage of the recording.  These recordings will only be used for internal quality improvement reviews by VGH Simulation Centre. 

If the VGH Simulation centre wishes to use and distribute such Recordings for the purposes of promotional materials, then the user will be asked to consent to this separately. Users will not receive any compensation for the use and distribution of the Recordings. Users are under no obligation to consent and agree that it is their voluntary decision to do so.

In the future, VGH simulation centre will be able to provide recordings of certain sessions if requested when booking. Please specify on the booking submission form if you require a recording of your event. This is only to be used for educational purposes and is not to be used for promotional purposes. Please note that there will be a fee involved for this service. Information about fees will be updated in the ‘breakdown of charges’ section of this form once the service is available at the centre.

If you request a copy of the recording, you will be asked to provide a USB with the following memory: 8mb for 1 hour, 64mb for 2-6 hours and 128mb for over 6 hours.

Safety Precautions

Each participant is responsible for following universal and safety precautions at all times. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory through-out the centre. When required, the VGH Simulation Centre will provide the necessary personal protective equipment. Users must follow all proper medical, safety, and Universal Precaution practices whilst in the VGH Simulation Centre.

Some simulation activities may involve exposure to fresh cadaver or animal specimens and/or medical equipment (such as power equipment, instruments, and defibrillators). Participants will follow safety information, instructions, or rules when handling them. It is the participant’s responsibility to follow their organizations incident reporting process and to follow up on any exposure to blood-borne illness, whether by needle sticks or splashes to mucous membranes, incurred in the VGH Simulation Centre. The VGH Simulation Centre will not be held responsible or liable for any exposure (inhalation, ingestion, injection or physical contact) or any follow-up of exposure to chemical, biohazard or radioactive materials. 

VGH Simulation Centre follows stringent guidelines regarding laboratory operations and safety. Failure to follow these standards is a safety concern and therefore may jeopardise the ability for the event to continue. 

VGH Simulation Centre Access

The VGH Sim Centre business hours are officially Monday-Friday 0800-1600hrs with earliest access being at 0730hrs upon request and only if the centre can accommodate. 

Any bookings running after 1600hrs or on weekends may incur a $75 charge per hour /per VGH Simulation staff member needed. However, all individuals must vacate the centre by the ‘all wrapped time’ as specified on the booking submission form. Conversations can continue outside the centre on the chairs provided. Alternatively, individuals can go to Café Ami which can be found on the 1st floor of the Jim Pattison Pavilion or Sassafras on the 2nd floor, Jim Pattison Pavilion. 

As of July 1st 2019 we will be letting all new booking requests know this and working with current bookings to brainstorm solutions so they can meet the times our current staffing level can support.

VGH Simulation Centre Staff Support

At a minimum, each event will have support available via pager (604-877-3801). Individual support is based on the number of bookings and staff available at the centre. Please email [email protected]  if you have further questions.

If you require an orientation and/or staff support in the VGH sim Centre then please specify on the booking submission form.

See link to orientation of centre and equipment: www.vch.ca/vghsim 

Tissue simulation in the wetlab will always require a VGH SIM staff member at a minimum cost of $35/hr for a minimum of 4 hours. Please ensure you include this when completing the submission form.

Set Up and Take Down

VGH simulation centre is happy to support your set up and take down of centre equipment for your event. If you require specific set up of equipment you are bringing then please have a representative present to support this process. Each booking is responsible for cleaning the equipment and furniture in the room(s) you have used, before you leave e.g touch points on mannequins, IV poles, crash carts and table tops etc. Please put all garbage and recycling into the bins provided before you leave.

Cleaning Products: Vancouver Coastal Health uses two wipes to clean and disinfect equipment:

Alcohol wipes (Ultra Swipes Plus) – These are to be used on all displays/screens on medical devices and computers. Note: have 3 minutes wet contact time.

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide wipes (AHP wipes – Accel Intervention) – These are to be used to clean and disinfect most other surfaces on medical devices, computers, beds, furniture and other equipment.  NOTE: 1 minute wet contact time.

KEEP BOTH CONTAINERS CAPS OF WIPES CLOSED EXCEPT WHEN REMOVING WIPES.  Leaving the caps open allows the wipes to dry out and renders them ineffective for cleaning and disinfecting.

How to Clean and Disinfect

  1. Clean – Use AHP or alcohol wipes to remove any foreign matter (dust, soil, food, feces, blood, sputum) from the device using friction and run/scrub motion.  Clean from cleanest to dirtiest area.  Use as many wipes as necessary to get the job done.
  2. Disinfect immediately following cleaning using new wipes and friction and rub/scrub motion followed by maintaining a “wet contact time”.  Item then air dries to complete the disinfection process.
  3. If there are any issues with residual product potentially damaging an item or causing hazing  or opaqueness a final rinse can be done with a clean/new cloth and plain water (well squeezed out) followed by air drying.
  4. Attach green “I am clean” on every cleaned item in room.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are not allowed in the Wet Lab (Rm 264, 265, 265, 267, 268 and 269) or Computer Skill Room (257). However, food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the breakout rooms and the lecture theatre. 

If you are ordering catering for your event, please be aware centre hours are 0800-1600 hrs and arrange catering to arrive within this time. Anything outside of this time needs to be pre-arranged with the Centre.  The centre takes no responsibility for catering delivered before the centre opens.

Before you leave please put all garbage and recycling into the bins provided. Take the catering dishes to the kitchen if it has not been picked up by the time you leave the VGH Sim Centre. Please wipe down the tables using the accel wipes. The organization using the facility is responsible for any clean-up costs related to their event.

Damages to Facility, Furniture or Equipment

The organization using the facility is responsible for damages to the facility, furniture or equipment during their event. Damages must be reported immediately to the room booker. If furniture is moved then it must be returned to the original configuration at the end of the event. 

There are hooks provided in each room for the AV connections. Please place back on the hooks after you have used them, do not leave on the floor to be stepped on.

Please refrain from putting anything on the walls with tape or anything similar in the VGH Sim Centre. There are sign slots/holders outside each room which will fit paper up to 8.5 x 11cm landscape. If you have difficulty removing your signs from the sign holder, please ask a member of staff who will assist.

Please also refrain from posting directions to the VGH Sim Centre around the hospital, there are directions to the centre and display screens showing events and rooms booked directly outside the centre. 


A limited number of lockers are available for users of the VGH simulation centre, however, a personal lock is required. The VGH Simulation Centre will not accept responsibility for the loss, damage or theft to any personal belongings left unattended in the centre. Please refrain from bringing valuables to the VGH Simulation Centre.

Simulator Precautions

Whilst at the VGH Simulation Centre please adhere to the following precautions:

  • Keep the mannequins on the stretchers at all times.
  • Be careful when moving the stretchers, (specifically the mannequin’s fingers) as well as walls and doors.
  • Please do not sit the mannequins up to past 30 degrees.
  • Please do not fill fluids in to the simulators.
  • Please leave the mannequin in the same condition you found it. If you perform any make-up, colourings, moulage or any modifications to the mannequin then please return to the original state. Consider using cling film to cover the mannequins and place colour on the cling film as cleaning can be difficult.
  • If you tape anything to the mannequin then please remove the leftover tape residue afterwards.
  • Please return simulators and equipment to the room in which you obtained it.
  • Please clean the mannequin and equipment at the end of your event.
  • Lower monitors in the wet lab. Make sure all the monitors are in up positions close to the ceiling when not in use.
  • The black stools on wheels are slippery on vinyl floors, ensure you hold the stools in a stable position before taking a seat. 
  • Do not sit on the tables in the simulation rooms. Tables will collapse and may cause injury to the user. 
  • All the rooms in the VGH Sim Center are equipped with audiovisual components.  Please use those with care and return the AV cables (HDMI and VGA connections) back to the wall after use.  Never remove the remotes or cables from the room. If you require support with the equipment then please ask a member of staff to assist via the Sim centre pager (the number is located by the wall phone in each room).

Simulation Tips

  • All task trainers should be handled with care, the conduct should be the same as a real patient.  For example, for Airway heads do not apply too much pressure on the teeth during intubation, use airway lubricants and not to force the tubes during intubation. 
  • Use precaution while using the defibrillator machines. Those are real devices. Use lower energy (5-10 joules) and make sure no one is in direct/ indirect contact to bed or mannequin.  
  • Ultrasound compatible Central line task trainers: inserting needles will introduce air to them and it can affect the ultrasound images.
  • Procedural task trainers: when withdrawing fluid, the task trainer may require refill for next groups so please reinject the fluids before clean up.
  • Medical equipment: please leave the used medical equipment including needles, syringes, instruments kits as they are since they will be reused for future courses.

Delivery Information

If you require equipment for your event which is not available in the centre, it is your responsibility to bring the items to VGH Sim Centre. It is also your responsibility to arrange set up, take down, packing and delivery of returning the items. 

VGH Simulation Center’s address:
Vancouver General Hospital Simulation Centre
VGH Leon Blackmore Pavilion, 2nd Floor
246 – 855 West 12th Ave 

Vancouver BC 

V5Z 1M9

Please note: the shipping and receiving entrance is located at 902 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver. This allows you to park and unload the package/equipment. Shipping and receiving area is open between Mon – Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm. Please page 604-877-3801 when you are in shipping and receiving for a VGH SIM staff member to give you access to the service elevators to the VGH simulation centre.

It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure delivery comes direct to the centre from shipping and receiving (often this is done by a sender’s representative). If there is not a representative available, please ensure you hire an outside company to deliver the equipment from VGH Shipping and Receiving Department to the VGH Simulation Centre. 

Please note the maximum height of the equipment including packaging cannot exceed 203cm height and 290cm width.

Useful Contacts

  • C-Arm and Protective Lead Aprons: 
  • Tim Friesen, Supervisor, General Radiology, VGH
  • [email protected]
  • 604-875-5417
  • Catering within VGH:

Kylie Perrins, Manager, VGH SIM Centre

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.vch.ca/vghsim

Phone: 604 675 3640 (64204)

Cell: 604 868 4697